[Photo] The introduction of high-quality electrolytic capacitors

Depending on the medium, there are many types of capacitors, such as electrolyte capacitors, paper capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors, and air capacitors. However, the most frequently used in audio equipment are electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors. Now we will introduce the famous brand works in the capacitor one by one in several installments.

In the field of audio equipment, aluminum electrolytic capacitors occupy the smallest volume and are cheaper than other types of capacitors of the same capacity, so they are often used when large-capacity capacitors are needed, such as the main power supply. In addition to filtering, the filter capacitor also serves to store electrical energy.

Now we introduce a few electrolytic capacitors in the audio circle:

SPRAGUE capacitor

The first to appear is the famous SPRAGUE capacitor. The SPRAGUE capacitor is an advanced electrolytic capacitor made in the United States. It is packaged in blue rubber and has excellent quality, stable performance, and long life. Among the amplifiers that advertise HI-END, the one with the highest occurrence rate. For example, in the famous factory machines such as Krell, Mark Levinson, and Cello, the power filter must be used to sit in it. Audio manufacturers also use SPRAGUE capacitors. However, the name SPRAGUE may not be easy to see in the future because it has been bought by Nippon Chemi Con capacitors in Japan, but all production lines of SPRAGUE may still maintain the original materials and operating methods, but the production scale may be different, so the capacitor The color of the outer skin packaging is still the same as the original SPRAGUE capacitor, but the trademark has been changed to the small shield of Nippon Chemi Con instead of SPRAGUE.

ROE capacitor

Next is the famous ROE electrolytic capacitor in Germany. ROE electrolytic capacitor can be said to be the second SPRAGUE capacitor in the early days. The two can be said to be the only choice among the main European and American audio brands, especially the European audio equipment ROE capacitors are used a lot , Various horizontal vertical capacitors are often visible on the circuit board. Speaking of the representativeness of SPRAGUE capacitors and ROE capacitors in HI-END audio equipment, Krell ’s amplifier can be used as a model. The main filter capacitor of Krell ’s power amplifier is a sprague capacitor, and the input stage amplifier and driver stage capacitors ROE is used.

In particular, the ROE capacitors used in Krell's pre-stage and digital equipment must be packaged in a pig liver color plastic shell, EK material. In the past, most of the ROE capacitors were packaged in golden yellow leather. The golden color on the internal circuit board of the machine was very beautiful, which made people think of the sound quality and timbre that glowed like gold. However, in the recent ROE capacitors, the outer packaging of the small value capacitors has been changed to black, so it is aesthetically serious. Philips capacitors Philips capacitors have generally appeared in all kinds of high-end equipment that have been newly released in the past two years. For example, mid-priced equipment such as ONIX, high-priced equipment such as Goldmund, the best JADIS for vacuum tube machines, and many other brands can be gradually seen. Out of the strength of Philips capacitors. The outer packaging of Philips capacitors is also blue. It has many series. One of the higher-level models has many hexagonal dents in the can body to enhance the mechanical strength of the capacitor. Of course, this is more expensive in terms of cost. RIFA capacitors Sweden ’s RIFA electrolytic capacitors are used by very few manufacturers, because RIFA capacitors are too expensive. Of course, such an expensive price makes sense. Needless to say, it must be that performance and quality are really good. I have nothing to say, otherwise it would be strange to sell so expensive and someone to buy. But in the audio circle, there is the kind of fanatic who seeks the best and highest quality for the birthday, and does not hesitate to spend a lot of money. Of course, the price of the finished product will not be lower there. For example, Audio Nord has a Dali Gravity post-level pricing of 5 million yen (about 400,000 yuan). In addition, Danish audio boutique Gryphon uses a lot of RIFA capacitors, especially DM-100 and REF-1 The main filter capacitors in the flagship-level post-amplifiers, the few white capacitors that are as big as cans are really amazing. The RIFA capacitor is particularly different from its brand capacitors. There are two: first, the outer packaging of the RIFA capacitor is a white plastic shell, unlike other electrolytic capacitors, which is just a white plastic skin; second, the RIFA capacitor is shaken in the hand There is an obvious sound of liquid flowing, which is why the RIFA's large-capacity electrolytic capacitors are called cans. Therefore, if you want to know that a RIFA capacitor is not dry, if you like to buy old 0 wild on Tao Street, you will know if you shake it. The high-frequency impedance formed by the large equivalent electric recovery and equivalent resistance limits the high-frequency of audio equipment, which is the biggest fatal injury of general electrolytic capacitors. The equivalent inductance and equivalent resistance inside the RIFA capacitor are very low, making the benefit of the RIFA capacitor not only its low frequency, but also its beautiful high frequency. Moreover, the RIFA capacitor can handle the very large current provided, and the charging and discharging speed is extremely fast, so that it can cope with the strong dynamics and the large amount of current required by the low frequency. The RIFA capacitor also has one of the most important features: its long life span is so long that if you save enough money at the age of forty to afford an audio filter using RIFA capacitors, it can probably accompany you to the continuous use One hundred years old! !
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PCB Application

PCB types can be also seperated according to it`s applications.Such as 3D Printer PCB,computer PCB,LED lighting PCB,automotive PCB,industrial PCB,etc.

Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

1. Lighting Applications

LEDs with aluminum-based printed circuit boards very desirable for a number of applications and industries. 

2. Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are the devices we use daily, such as smartphones or computers. Even the newest models of refrigerators often include electronic components.

3. Medical Devices

For medical applications, a small package is needed to meet the size requirements for an implant or emergency room monitor.So medical PCB tend to be specialty high-density interconnect PCBs, also referred to as HDI PCBs. Medical PCB may also be made with flexible base materials, allowing PCB to flex during use, which can be essential for both internal and external medical devices.

4. Industrial Applications

5. Automotive Applications

6. Aerospace Applications

PCB Application

Custom PCB,PCB Application,Circuit Board Application,Printed Circuit Board Application

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited , https://www.pcbjhy.com

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