Philips Lumileds leads the LED lighting industry to “get rid of the bin”

The latest developments in the simple and friendly LUXEON solution mark the beginning of the color binning of white LEDs

San Jose, Calif. - Philips Lumileds today announced an industry-leading development that will eliminate luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers' concerns about LED white light uniformity and uniformity, and will significantly simplify the design process for LED solutions . With the vision of Philips Lumileds "Freedom From Binning", white LUXEON LEDs will achieve a high degree of color consistency without the need for color binning. This new product line will first introduce products with color temperature (CCT) of 2700K and 3000K. LUXEON LEDs have been tested under actual working conditions so that customers can immediately understand the actual performance of the product in terms of color, light output and light efficiency. From this year onwards, Lumileds will continue to expand its new product line of “getting rid of the bin”.

"Under any situation, I can put a thousand such new LUXEONs in a straight line. The consistency and color quality between the LEDs and the LEDs are comparable or better than the many bulbs seen today." Mike Lut, CEO of Philips Lumileds, said, “The lighting industry has long been eager for high-quality, reasonably priced, high-quality light, long-lasting designs, and more efficient, because it will enable its solutions to surpass the possibilities offered by traditional light sources. The unique thin film flip chip technology (TFFC) combined with Lumiramic fluorescence technology and new manufacturing capabilities allow me to perform "hot" testing and grading. Philips Lumileds' "getting out of the bin" is drawing new business for LED manufacturing. The direction also keeps us close to the lighting industry.

As a result of these improvements, the lighting industry will use a new method to judge the performance of LEDs. The typical product data sheet shows the data obtained by LEDs under 25C conditions, but it is well known that the actual operating temperature of LEDs tends to be close to 85C (sometimes even higher). Therefore, the performance data reported in this way is essentially exaggerated. The LUXEON product "Get Rid of Binding" was tested at 85C to provide actual color point and performance data. "We sacrifice the market value of calibrating higher optical and optical data for the accuracy of data and the trust of our customers," Holt said. "We can also calculate performance data at lower temperatures, but this will make customers feel Confusion, misleading.” Most data sheets from LED manufacturers need to provide key performance data after temperature increase, so that the industry can compare products under actual conditions.

Philips Lumiles will launch its first “Get Off Bin” product during this week's “Strategies in Light” summit. At that time, the color selection will be made simply based on the desired CCT, which is in the center of the blackbody curve under thermal conditions (actual operating conditions). As a new LUXEON product for the lighting industry, Philips Lumileds will further extend its new product line of “Getting rid of the bin”.

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About Philips Lumileds
Philips Lumileds is the world's leading provider of power LED solutions for lighting solutions. The company has always been committed to promoting the development of solid-state lighting technology, improving the environmental protection of lighting solutions, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and reducing the need to expand power plants, and the company's leading lighting output, efficiency and thermal management is the direct result of this work. Philips Lumileds' LUXEON LEDs offer new options for store, outdoor, office, school and home lighting solutions. For more information on the company's LUXEON LED products and solid state lighting technology, please visit

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