Longda Electronics' patent application in 2011 is the highest in Taiwan's LED industry

Lunda Electronics ranked the top in the LED industry in the 2011 Taiwan Patent Application Rankings announced by the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. In 2011, Ronda Electronics applied 173 patent applications in Taiwan, an increase of 381% compared with the number of applications in 2010, and the number of invention patents was as high as 115, which was outstanding in both quality and quantity.

According to Lunda Electronics, in the current Ronda R&D population of about 160 people, in 2011, each person has more than one patent application. In the whole year of 2011, Ronda's global patent applications reached nearly 500, a substantial increase of 458% over the previous year. The content includes products such as epitaxial, die, packaging, lighting applications, opto-mechanical heat, etc. Wide range of processes such as process and control systems.



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