【Focus】How will artificial intelligence voice assistants develop? Take a look at these 5 predictions

: Voice Analysis The “2017 Speech Report” released by the startup VoiceLabs predicts the performance of companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and Amazon in the future Voice Assistant War.

The report also surveyed Google assistants and users of Amazon Alexa to understand why some startup companies used Alexa's related technologies more successfully than others.

The following are five of the report's noteworthy forecasts:


1. The next 9 months are crucial to the economic ecosystem built around smart assistants

Many consumers have not yet judged which smart assistant they like best, but they certainly do not want to buy multiple artificial intelligence voice assistants. A survey conducted by VoiceLabs in December 2016 on Amazon Echo and Google Home devices found that only 11% of people were willing to purchase another device after purchasing one of the devices.

"This means that in the next 9 months, this will be the winner's all-in-one smart home market. No matter which device you first purchase for your own home, it is possible to remain loyal to this platform and then purchase more devices on the same platform. "You may buy 4 more Echo Dots with Echo, so it's important to make your device stand out in the next 9 months," said VoiceLab co-founder Adam Marchick.

“It also sounded alarm bells for Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. They must rush to join the battle,” he said.


2, push notifications and social contacts will become the killer application of intelligent voice assistant industry

In more than 8,000 Alexa tricks and about 75 Google assistant conversations, there is currently no killer app.

"At the moment, the closest thing to Pokémon Go is Spotify and Amazon Music," said Malkik.

Like other studies, VoiceLabs also found that about 45% of respondents mainly use smart speakers to play music and read books.

Malkirk said that in order to create a killer app, developers need to have a push feature, but also to connect with personal social networks. He expects these features to appear in 2017. Targeted promotion based on the activities of your friends in social networks may increase the popularity of certain activities.

"The specific use may be: 'You have 15 friends are talking, do you want to join?' or 'You have 20 friends have installed the "Pokemon Go", you do not want to fall behind it?'" Markick said .

However, smart speakers should not have endless push notifications, and it is expected that only three or four extremely valuable notifications will be actively pushed per day based on specific events.

Unfortunately, Malkirk expects the push notification feature of voice devices to be very similar to mobile devices, at least initially.

"The first is the notification push feature, which is likely to be abused and then compressed, and then they will realize that this feature should be provided in an intelligent way," he said.

3, equipment sales increase 3 times


VoiceLabs estimates that the sales volume of smart voice devices in 2015 and 2016 will be 6.5 million units, which is approximately 24.5 million units in 2017. Therefore, the total sales volume since 2014 has reached 33 million units. VoiceLabs obtained this figure by summarizing the measured data of CIRP and invoices tracked by InfoScout and KPCB.

“We came up with the growth curve for 2016. We use this growth curve to predict the situation in 2017, and we have obtained 24,500,000 data in the report in this way,” said Malkik.

At least from the Amazon situation, many sales are achieved at the end of the year. The company announced on Thursday that Alexa's sales record hit a record high in the shopping season, making it the hottest year for sales.

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