Discussion on LED technical standards and detection methods

Discussion on LED technical standards and detection methods

LED lighting appliances consist of LED light sources, electrical accessories and appliances. It uses semiconductor light-emitting devices as the light source, has the characteristics of small size, long life, low energy consumption, instant start, rich colors, etc. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving cold light source.
In recent years, developed countries and government organizations such as the United States, Japan, and Europe have invested a lot of human and material resources in the development and research of LED lighting, which has greatly improved the technical level of LED light sources, and the power has reached 3 ~ 3W , The luminous efficiency reaches 301m / w, making it possible for LED light sources to be used for general lighting.
LED products will become the latest energy-saving lighting products. However, LED lighting appliances are high-tech and high-value-added products. In the past, China's research on LED lighting was still very weak, and it was very different from the foreign level. Especially, the research on the application basis could not meet the needs of China's industrial development.
In terms of LED lighting product detection technology and product standards, it is far from being able to meet the requirements of the development of China's LED lighting industry. The development of LED lighting in China should first establish and improve the technical standards and test method evaluation system of China's LED lighting appliances, standardize the existing detection system, so that the products of different companies are tested according to a unified test method. Only in this way can we truly understand China's LED lighting The technical level of lighting products will further promote the technological progress of China's LED lighting industry and promote the development of the industry.
The establishment of LED lighting equipment technical standards and test methods will also promote the progress of semiconductor technology, improve the production and quality of LED lighting products, and shorten the gap between China and the international level. It has extremely important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. , Will produce huge economic and social benefits.
The status of lighting LED standards and testing technologies The International Lighting Commission (CIE) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have no standards for lighting LEDs.
Only in the 1990s, CIE published a technical report of general LED test methods. However, due to the rapid development of the technology of LED products in recent years, many of the technical characteristics of the LEDs now discovered are not considered in the past. Therefore, at the IEC annual meeting held in Kyoto, Japan in 1999, representatives of developed countries participating in the meeting proposed that IECTC34 (lighting technology committee) develop white light LED lighting equipment standards. The Japanese delegation also submitted two draft standards for white light LEDs for general lighting. . In order to develop lighting LEDs, developed countries attach great importance to the research of LED test methods and standards. For example, the National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) is a world-renowned testing and research institution. At present, they organize internationally renowned testing experts to carry out research on LED testing, focusing on the research of LED luminescence characteristics, temperature characteristics and light decay characteristics. The LED test methods and technical standards have led the world in LED testing. Japan established the "White LED Test Research Committee", which specializes in testing methods and technical standards for white LEDs for lighting. In order to seize the commanding heights of LED research, developed countries in the world have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in LED standards and testing, focusing on the selection of LED characteristics and testing methods in terms of standards. There is no standard for LED lighting appliances in China, and there is no corresponding LED lighting detection system. Some enterprises have purchased some testing equipment. However, due to the lack of professional research, the detection level is low, the instrument compatibility is poor, the detection accuracy is low, and they cannot be compared with each other. The test items cannot meet the needs. Although some professional testing institutions in China have also carried out some LED testing research work, due to the limitations of the conditions, a complete testing and evaluation system has not yet been formed, and its level is still far from that of foreign developed countries.
At present, relevant inspection departments in China have begun to carry out research on lighting LED test methods, including the development of inspection equipment. The National Lighting Appliance Standardization Technical Committee has included the technical standards and test method standards for lighting LEDs in the 2004 standard work plan, hoping to promote the development of LED technology and its application in the field of lighting through the formulation of lighting LED standards. [fenye]
Problems to be solved Lighting LED technical standards focus on solving the problems of product characteristics and test methods. The most important performance indicators of LEDs are optical characteristics and electrical characteristics. Optical characteristics include luminous flux, light distribution, brightness, spectral distribution, chromaticity coordinates, color rendering index, etc.

LEDs are used in lighting appliances. They have both the common characteristics of general light sources and the special characteristics of their products: LEDs are a directional light-emitting device; the luminous body is small and can be approximated to a point light source; light emission is subject to environment and processing The process has a greater impact.
The measurement period of LED light attenuation characteristics is very long (tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of hours). In addition to the optical performance involved in the use of LEDs, LEDs also have the characteristics of their electrical accessories (including energy-saving electrical accessories), mechanical characteristics, temperature characteristics, and appliance safety characteristics.
Therefore, in the process of standard formulation, the problem of test methods should be considered first. The first is to choose and develop test equipment that meets the characteristics of LEDs, and establish a test system. Including: LED optical test system, temperature monitoring test system, electrical appliance test system, environmental test system, durability reliability test system, etc. Among them, the main testing system should adopt international advanced methods, and the testing method should be close to the international advanced level.
Through cooperation and exchanges with foreign laboratories, China's LED detection technology is synchronized with international development, so that the standard can not only objectively reflect the technical level of China's lighting LED, to adapt to the rapid development of China's lighting LED, but also be consistent with the international level
To further promote the development of LED technology.
The lighting LED standard is the basic standard (or main standard) in the series of standard series. It is a single-tube LED lighting standard and test method standard. On this basis, a standard system of lighting LEDs is formed. The LED standard must first solve the characteristics of LED light sources in lighting, determine the technical requirements of LED light sources, and find the main technical characteristics and technical parameters of LEDs through the detection of LEDs to determine the technical level and related technical indicators of LEDs in China. skills requirement.
Due to the rapid development of lighting LED technology, the formulation of lighting LED standards should be adapted to the development of technology and market needs. Standardization agencies, testing agencies, lighting LED research departments, manufacturing enterprises and application units should cooperate with each other and work together to establish a set of national standards for advanced lighting LEDs that meet China's national conditions.

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