Analyze the treatment unit to illuminate the system

The hospital is densely staffed and rescues patients in many places, directly related to the safety of personnel and even the safety of patients. Therefore, safety lighting should be provided in important places. Pay attention to the high efficiency of lighting and energy saving. Hospital lighting can mainly use high-efficiency fluorescent lamps.

First of all, the requirements for contrast in different places of the hospital are different. In some places, the requirements for contrast are very high, such as operating room and rescue room. The current illuminance standards of China and the illuminance standards of developed countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan are listed for reference.

The objects received by the hospital are mainly patients, and the light source color is good or bad, which can directly affect the psychological state of the patient to the doctor. Color temperature below 3300K can give people a steady atmosphere; color temperature is in the intermediate color temperature of 3000~5000K, it can give a refreshing feeling, such lamps are mainly white fluorescent lamps; color temperature is more than 5000K cold color temperature, it can give Cold feeling, such lamps are mainly based on white fluorescent lamps. Therefore, a good grasp of the color temperature is an indispensable condition for the lighting design of different places in the hospital.

The following is a discussion of the lighting of several main places in the hospital. Nursing unit care unit includes: ward, intensive care unit, patient and medical staff washroom, toilet, toilet, nurse station, treatment room, doctor's office, men's and women's locker room, duty room, warehouse, dining room and boiling room, etc. . The ward is an important part of this part. It is the place where medical staff can monitor and treat patients, and it is also the place where inpatients stay in the hospital most of the time. Therefore, the ward lighting should not only meet the needs of medical staff, but also consider the needs of patients.

Lighting and energy saving China's current power is still relatively tight, and lighting power generally accounts for between 10% and 20% of total electricity. In hospital buildings, the illumination requirements are higher and the electricity consumption is larger. Therefore, saving electricity consumption in lighting is a subject that people face. Most of the lighting for hospitals is characterized by fluorescent lamps. In the selection of lamps, the following aspects should be considered: Selecting high-efficiency fluorescent lamps The lamps with alumina reflectors produced in China now make the reflected light enhanced by the increase of reflectivity. . At the same time, the optical design of the reflective sheet avoids the occlusion and multiple reflections of the luminaire as much as possible, and the luminaire efficiency is obviously improved. There are also many optical devices used as reflectors and visors. This high-efficiency luminaire can reduce the number of fluorescent lamps at the same illumination to save energy. There are many such products available for designers to choose from.

The ballast of the power factor fluorescent lamp with high fluorescent lamp is an inductive component, which reduces the power factor of the lighting circuit and has a large loss. The power factor of the general fluorescent lamp is only about 015. In order to improve the power factor, two methods can be used: one is in the fluorescent lamp. Internally installed capacitor compensation (now some places have made clear requirements to use fluorescent lamps with high-efficiency energy-saving rectifiers cosΦ not less than 019); second, the use of electronic rectifiers. With the new fluorescent tubes, many high-efficiency fluorescent lamps produced in China are not expensive. Nowadays, many high-efficiency fluorescent lamps produced by many manufacturers have been chosen by designers.

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