World's Chief Semiconductor Standardization Committee comes to Shanghai to push new standards

This week's meeting of the committee will include almost all of the stored products and applications. The main topics discussed are the ICs used on the particles and modules stored in the column, including the logic used to support the modules.

This week's main project is based on the logic of DDR3 SDRAM modules and support, and continues to develop desktop memory modules for different types of DDR3 unbuffered UDIMMs, SODIMMs for notebooks, and RDIMMs for servers. Developing the next generation of consumer products and their industries. Low voltage DDR3 will also be the subject of activity.

We will also continue a series of developments in flash modules and semiconductor hard drives (SSD), with a focus on non-volatile storage that has become an important consumer product industry. The recently released eMMC4.3 mobile flash standard has inspired a new generation of consumer products. The development of the latest (UFS) Universal Flash Storage Standard will lead us to the unreached. To inspire these new flash modules and semiconductor hard drives, JEDEC continues to work on flash standards.

Low-energy DRAM is also a rapidly growing market. Low-energy DRAM pellets have been used in products with low-cost requirements. Mobile phones have begun to use low-power DRAM to reduce their size and reduce energy consumption. And strengthen their functions. LPDDR2 is JEDEC's latest development in these features, and the standard will be announced shortly. Reducing the voltage and replacing the DLL are two of the ways to reduce consumption. LPDDR2 standard particles will be available in late 2008.

In addition to completing the existing standards, JEDEC is also researching, measuring the future DRAM, SRAM, memory, cards, modules, and their application needs.

JEDEC's standard is that you can get JEDEC information on the Internet for free, including membership and free downloads, all at

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