Weak AI player overcomes humans: Master is AlphaGo

At 4:44 on January 4th, the mysterious official official account of the online chess player suddenly said that he is AlphaGo. The Master is AlphaGo, and it is Dr. Huang Shijie of the AlphaGo team who acts on his behalf.

The Master played against humans and had already won 59 wins. At 3 o'clock on the afternoon of January 4th, when he had won the 54th win over Nie Weiping, who had played against the "Game of Chess", the Master knocked "Thank you Nie on the screen" in Traditional Chinese.

Since 29 December 2016, now on several online go-to-play platforms, the Master has demonstrated amazing strength and successively defeated many domestic and foreign players including Ping Tingjun, Ke Jie, Chen Yaoqi, Lian Xiao, and Ichiyama Yuta. Altar top players. On January 4th, Master once again "shot" and defeated players such as Zhou Junxun, Fan Tingxuan and Huang Yunzhao.


At the time of Master’s killing, his identity has also sparked speculation. Many people have previously suspected that the Master is an upgraded version of AlphaGo that won South Korea's Lishi Shi last year. However, when the 21st Century Business Herald corresponded to Google Inc. earlier, it did not respond exactly.

“In the field of weak artificial intelligence, there will be some breakthroughs, such as Go, Chess, etc. As long as these rules are clear, easy to quantify, and calculateable, machines will do it slowly and do better than people.” When talking about related artificial intelligence products, Shen Xiangyang, Microsoft’s executive vice president of global intelligence, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, and Microsoft’s research division, told 21st Century Business Herald reporter, “but there is not a single machine capable of learning without supervision. Write a program to defeat a Go master. This is the hardest part."

Be regarded as "Go God"

From the “online” on December 29, 2016, Master has written an unusual start-up note for 2017 in just seven days.

Last week, Master successively took down many of the world’s Go masters, including Ke Jie’s 9 paragraphs, Pu Ting’s 9th paragraph, Chen Yao’s 9th paragraph, and Lianxiao’s 7th paragraph. After one day of “a holiday” on January 1st, Master returned and won 11 consecutive victories in 24 hours. His opponents included five Chinese and Korean world champions, Gu Li and Jin Zhixi, and Yusui Imai, who created the Grand Slam legend of Japan. Cup champion Li Qincheng and so on.

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