Method of reducing bearing consumption of rolling mill

(1) Doing good statistics on rolling mill bearings

Do a good job of rolling mill bearing usage and damage data statistics, NSK bearing heat treatment workpiece hardness detection method to find out the common problem of the rolling mill bearing damage law, in order to accurately and specifically put forward rolling mill bearing consumption reduction measures. You can record from the following aspects:

1. The design and accuracy of the rolling mill;

2. Implementation of rolling products and process changes;

3. The lubrication effect of lubrication and sealing;

4. On-site conditions such as mill adjustment and transmission;

5. On-site conditions such as bearing assembly parts accuracy, assembly and disassembly conditions;

6. The form of bearing damage and installed parts.

(2) The strength of each part of the bearing should match

In order to ensure the strength of the bearing box, the new and old code size comparison table (one hundred and fifty-one) of domestic and imported bearings (that is, good rigid support of rolling mill bearings), try to use rolling mill bearings with large load capacity. In addition, the size of each part of the rolling mill bearing should be optimized according to the application conditions to ensure that the strength of each part of the rolling mill bearing is equivalent and maximize the service life of the bearing. For example, in the field where the bearing box is worn and deformed and the outer ring of the bearing is cracked, the wall thickness of the outer ring of the bearing can be thickened to reduce the diameter of the roller and enhance the strength of the outer ring to achieve the longest bearing life.

(Three), the use of high-quality bearing materials

Due to the presence of non-metallic inclusions, especially oxide inclusions, the comparison table (160) of the new and old code size specifications of domestic bearings and imported bearings caused the strength weakness of the bearing materials, causing stress concentration and premature fatigue damage of the bearings. Therefore, vacuum degassing or electroslag remelting bearing steel can be used. Although the unit price of the bearing is higher, the bearing damage is less, the operation rate of the rolling mill is improved, and the overall cost should be reduced.

(4) Precision, clearance and coordination of rolling mill bearings

1. Bearing accuracy: The bearing accuracy level is mainly determined according to the requirements of bearing components on the rotation accuracy and the requirements on bearing life. The recommended accuracy level refers to the following table:

The precision level of rolling mill bearings has been improved. Although the carding machine has improved the SKF bearings of cotton rollers, although the cost of a single bearing set has increased, it has brought the following advantages:

(1) The internal stress of the bearing parts is reduced, the size of the bearing parts is stabilized, the cracking factors of the parts are reduced, and the bearing life is improved.

(2) The roughness grade of the working surface of the bearing is increased (the peak value of the roughness is reduced), which is beneficial to the formation and protection of the bearing lubricating film, and the fatigue life of the bearing is significantly improved.

(3) The roughness level of the bearing mating surface has been increased, making the bearing mating more reliable, avoiding the "creeping" of the mating, and conducive to the improvement of bearing life.

(4) Better speed, reduce bearing heating, and improve bearing life.

(5) The consumption of comprehensive bearings is reduced and the operation rate of the rolling mill is increased.

2. Bearing clearance: Whether the bearing can work normally. Bearing clearance is an important technical parameter. The selection of low-noise NSK bearings directly affects the load distribution, friction, temperature rise and service life of the bearing. Due to the harsh working conditions of rolling mill bearings, the rolling load, speed, lubrication, temperature rise, interference fit, rotation accuracy, etc. must be considered. The principle is that the bearing clearance is smaller as the working conditions allow It is beneficial to increase the service life of rolling mill bearings. Under normal circumstances, rolling mills mostly choose C3 or C4 standard clearance, refer to the following table for selection:

In the process of using rolling bearings, it can be judged whether the bearing clearance is appropriate according to the damage of the bearing.

(1) If the bearing is burnt, if it is not due to "rolling", related parts rubbing and poor lubrication, the bearing is overheated, it can be considered that the working clearance of the rolling mill bearing is too small;

(2) If the bearing rings and rollers are broken, if it is not the raw materials, bearing quality, new and old codes of domestic and imported bearings, size and specification comparison table (one hundred and sixty-one), the impact load is too large and the installation is poor It can be considered that the working clearance of the bearing of the rolling mill is too large, so that the load envelope angle of the bearing is too small (ideal load envelope angle should be 120 ° ~ 150 °), resulting in large strain pressure per unit area of ​​the material and large roller load

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