Fujitsu Semiconductor's design solutions for power management of portable devices

Shanghai, July 23, 2012-Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the DC-DC converter MB39C326 for portable devices, which can expand the operating voltage range by automatically switching the buck / boost operating mode. MB39C326 has a built-in switching FET and a small package of 2.15mm & TImes; 1.94mm to form a power system with small mounting area and low bill of materials cost. It can dynamically control the output voltage through DAC signal and support APT and ET functions. At present, MB39C326 has entered the stage of mass production.

With the rapid expansion of the portable device product market, new requirements are constantly being placed on products in terms of performance and function. How to achieve rich functions with excellent performance to attract more consumers, and at the same time reduce the power consumption, size and cost of the device, and extend the battery life and many other problems have become active issues for many portable equipment suppliers.

According to market demand, Fujitsu Semiconductor's MB39C326 is a synchronous buck / boost DC / DC converter with high efficiency and low noise. It is designed and developed for mobile devices using single-cell lithium-ion batteries. The product supports APT and ET functions. In 3G / 4G applications, it can greatly improve PA work efficiency and help PA save more than 40% of power. Compared with the switching frequency of 2 ~ 3MHz of traditional converters, the switching frequency of this product is 6MHz, which can use smaller inductors, thereby reducing the total board space of the power management circuit by half. In addition, the product can automatically switch the buck / boost operation according to the input voltage through a unique buck / boost circuit. When the voltage of the lithium-ion battery changes, MB39C326 can provide a stable voltage for portable devices, and can effectively use the remaining power of the lithium-ion battery to extend the driving time.

This new product can be mainly applied to the main portable devices including mobile phones, smart phones, e-book terminals, PDA, etc., can also be used for products using a single cell lithium ion battery, can also be used for RF power amplifier (PA) and RF-PC card .

MB39C326 adopts WL-CSP small package (2.15mm & TImes; 1.94mm & TImes; 0.625mm), 20 pins, and the maximum efficiency reaches 93%. The input voltage range is 2.5V ~ 5.5V, and the output voltage range is 0.4V ~ 5.0V (add a resistor to the feedback resistor, and the output voltage can be arbitrarily changed through the DAC signal input). The maximum output current can reach 1200mA (at buck).


1. High efficiency through PFM / PWM automatic switching mode

DC / DC circuit adopts PFM / PWM automatic switching (power saving) mode, which can improve efficiency at light load. Set the XPS terminal to high level to select PWM fixed mode.

2. Rich protection functions

Overcurrent protection (OCP), overtemperature protection (OTP), undervoltage lockout (UVLO), soft start and other functions.

3. Output voltage setting function

• The output voltage is set by the FB separation resistor (the output is a fixed value)

• Set the output voltage through the VSELSW terminal (the output is 2 values ​​optional)

• The signal input / output setting voltage through the VSEL terminal can be switched between 2 values

• Set the output voltage through the signal input (the output value can be set arbitrarily)

• The output voltage is set by the DAC signal, and the output voltage can be arbitrarily changed

In order to better respond to market demands and achieve system miniaturization, Fujitsu Semiconductor plans to further develop high switching frequency DC / DC converters in the future. In addition, in order to improve the power efficiency of the RF-PA part, it is also planned to introduce an integrated RF system including a repeater and a PA.

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