So many smart TV applications, in the end how to choose?

Want to watch live, HDP live is really great!
For many office workers, working hard in a big city, you can't quickly have your own house, and many of them are temporarily renting a house, so that you can't reach the TV in the rent. Computers and mobile phones are the most commonly used tools for office workers to receive information. For people, the desire to watch the live broadcast is still very strong, so HDP Live Streaming may be the product launched to provide users with more live streaming resources. In addition to seeing a lot of CCTV and provincial TVs Live TV, there are many in Hong Kong, Taiwan and online video (such as us fifteen) can not see on television.

Of course, in many applications, in addition to HDP live streaming, there are VST all-aggregate, fast-movie video, and pudding video applications that also have live streaming capabilities, but the live broadcast source for each application is still somewhat different. For me, it is convenient and convenient. Is the best, and HDP live broadcast in addition to installed in smart TVs, boxes, mobile phones can also be installed directly! It feels a lot easier.

Various types of on-demand programs, several applications for you to choose!

Of course, some people do not want to watch live broadcasts. As a result, there will be advertisements for live broadcasts. People are tired of this era of "intersteled TV shows in advertisements." Therefore, if there are clips that are well-edited and do not have advertisements, they will be large. In part it is also great, smooth playback and quick conversion, for many people, is a good experience.

For on-demand programs, I believe that most people will pursue the richness of resources. The latest movies, television shows and variety shows should have everything in their possession. In addition, the quality of the images will directly affect the popularity of applications. The Litchi TV, personal feeling is not bad, you can see a lot of resources to love Qiyi, because iQiyi got a lot of television broadcasting rights, the latest variety shows, TV shows can be watched in time; and after entering the application, the classification is also very Clearly, it's easy for you to find what you want.

In addition, VST all-clusters, CIBN China TV Cloud and pudding video also have full-featured on-demand features. However, in terms of picture quality and interface, individuals think VST all-in-one is relatively superior, but pudding videos have “podcasts”. "" function, but also can see NetEase's Netease open class, but the picture quality is not very good, there is no high-definition.

Summary: With regard to smart TV applications, there are various and varied types. I have only used some of the applications. I have shared some simple understandings and exchanges with everyone. No matter which application has merits and certainty, we must choose. The application is, first of all, to know what they want most, whether to pursue its good live experience or to pursue its massive resources, or to pursue its interface, the clarity of its picture quality, etc., as long as the target is identified and played more and more, Perhaps the application that suits you will be very easy to emerge.

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