Lighting products have been recalled frequently, and international manufacturers have not been spared. Inventory for nearly two years of lighting recalls "big case"

[Text|High-tech LED Huang Yaping] With the rapid growth of LED lighting demand, more and more companies have begun to get involved in LED lighting in recent years, which has led to fierce market competition and constant price wars. In the last two years, companies have valued cost, so the focus has been on cost reduction. However, some advances in technology and products in the LED industry have been slow, and there have even been landslides, including cases in which some major international manufacturers have recalled their products. This also shows that the current LED lighting industry is not very healthy.

Gaogong LED has counted the recall of lighting products in the past two years and found that many internationally renowned lighting companies have also fallen into the quagmire.

CREE Announces Voluntary Recall of LED T8 Tubes On June 4, 2015, US lighting manufacturer CREE announced a voluntary recall of some LED T8 tubes.

The number of recalls was 700,000.

Reason for recall: The resistance between the spring contacts of the LED T8 lamp product and the printed circuit board (PCB) can create an arc, causing overheating problems that can cause the lamp to melt, posing a fire and burn hazard.

Voluntary recall of more than 1.6 million fluorescent lamps On July 15, 2015, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Health Canada and Cooper Lighting jointly announced a voluntary recall of fluorescent lamps made in China.

The recalled products were sold in the United States at approximately 1.62 million baht and in Canada at approximately 27,000 baht.

Reason for recall: The socket may be hot, arcing or melting, and there is a risk of fire. Up to now, the company has received 7 cases of overheating, melting or arcing accidents, but no casualties.

Cree's 10,000 LED high-bay lights were recalled On August 26, 2014, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Cree jointly announced the recall of two models of Chinese-made LED high-bay lights.

The number of lamps recalled this time was 10,000.

Reason for recall: The glass lens of the LED lamp may be cracked and dropped. There is a hidden danger of cuts or bruises. Consumers should stop using it immediately and contact Cory for free replacement.

Osram 55000 T8 lamps were recalled after <br> <br> Cree, T8 replacement lamps were recalled again, mainly for 73312-1 and 73315-1 are two models.

The number of T8 lamps recalled by OSRAM reached 55,000.

Reason for recall: The overheating of these lamps causes the risk of melting and the possibility of injury to the crowd. The 48-inch white light tubes were sold on the market between December 2014 and May 2015, about 46,300 were sold in the US, and 8,700 were sold to Canada.

IKEA announces the recall of 440,000 electric shock night lights. In August 2015, IKEA announced a small night light for sale in the US and Canada.

The number of recalled nightlights was 440,000.

Reason for recall: The lampshade may fall off and the electronic components inside it may be exposed, resulting in a risk of electric shock. CPSC said that IKEA has removed all the same products, appealed to consumers to stop using them, and contacted the company for a refund.

Philips announces recall of 370,000 halogen bulbs In September 2015, Philips announced the recall of a 60W halogen bulb. It is called "PHILIPS Halogena PAR 16" and was produced between November 2013 and March 2015. It is produced in China.

The recall of 370,000 halogen bulbs.

Reason for recall: The lens of this bulb may suddenly break or fall off, causing scratches and burn hazards.

Mitsubishi Chemical's LED lights were forcibly recalled by the UK In September 2015, Mitsubishi Chemical's Verbatim A-type LED bulbs were forcibly recalled by the United Kingdom. The models involved in this recalled product are:

52600 VerbatimClassic A E27 6W;

52601 Verbatim Classic A E27 9W;

52612Verbatim Classic A B22 9W;

52619 VerbatimClassic A B22 6W;

52626 Verbatim Classic A E27 9W ND 4000K.

Reason for recall: The above types of LED bulbs do not comply with European electrical safety standards. It is easy to bring consumers the risk of electric shock.

The BMW 3 Series headlight lighting failure was recalled in September 2015. It was learned from the US Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) that BMW will recall some of the 2012-2015 3 Series models in the United States.

The recall involved a total of 7,544 vehicles.

Reason for recall: The headlight lighting system is faulty, causing the line connection between the headlights and the warning lights to be abnormal. This will affect the normal lighting of the vehicle, and may cause night lighting failure and increase the incidence of accidents.

2014 LED bulbs recalled for review:

US hardware retailer announces recall of Indonesian LED lamps
In March 2014, Ace Hardware, the largest hardware retailer in the United States, announced the recall of ACE Clamp-On LED work lights.

The number of recalled lamps is about 15,000 baht.

Reason for recall: There may be quality problems in the protective sleeve inside the LED light base, so that the power cord of the base is pulled out, and the exposed wires can cause the above-mentioned safety hazards.

Canadian China-made mini LED holiday lights were recalled In December 2013, Canada announced a voluntary recall of Chinese-made mini LED holiday lights.

The number of recalled products sold in Canada was approximately 875.

Reason for recall: The metal contacts of LED bulbs have quality defects and pose a safety hazard.

US recalls Chinese-made LED bulbs In July 2014, the United States announced a voluntary recall of Chinese-made LED bulbs. The recalled product, called ProLED bulbs, is an LED bulb for outdoor security, including models PAR30 and PAR38.

The recalled products were sold in the United States at approximately 9,500.

Reason for recall: LED bulbs may overheat, fall, and pose a risk of bruising and burns to consumers.

The United States recalled Chinese-made LED lights In July 2014, the United States announced a voluntary recall of Chinese-made UCOArkac LED lights, model number "A1265".

The number of recalled goods was about 2,300.

The reason for the recall is that the wall-type charging plug of the LED lamp is easy to fall, posing a fire hazard.

The European Commission issued a warning to a Chinese-made Led Power Supply.
In August 2014, the EU issued a warning to a Chinese-made LED power supply. The notified country of this case is Finland, the name of the LED power supply is “Waterproof LED Power Supply”.

Reason for recall: The insulation performance of the LED power supply is unqualified, and the creepage distance between the primary and secondary windings is insufficient. The user may receive an electric shock during use.

The European Commission has withdrawn an LED lamp from the market in December 2014. The European Commission has withdrawn a market of LED lights from China due to “may cause users to get an electric shock”.

Reasons for recall: In order to save costs, most domestic enterprises use non-isolated power supplies. The high-voltage part is directly connected to the metal casing, and only the resin layer of the aluminum substrate is used as the insulating material, which naturally causes great safety hazards.


Inferior products will cause damage to the entire industry. Compared with the number of recalled LED lamps in China in 2014, this year has increased significantly. Due to market competition problems, the LED lighting market is in a mess, not only the quality is uneven, but the price is even worse.

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