Zhongheng Paiwei: Intelligent LED Driver Power Competition for 2014 Gaogong Golden Globe Award

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] "In the field of LED drive power, we hope to be among the top three in the industry within three years." Hangzhou Zhongheng Paiwei Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongheng Paiwei") General Manager Ye Jianbo For the development of the LED industry, there is confidence that "the current LED high-power power market should only open 20%-30%, and about 70% of the market demand needs to be released."

Zhongheng Paiwei specializes in solving LED intelligent drive power and power system solutions. It is one of the few power companies in China that has mastered all-digital power core technology, provides complete power supply system products and comprehensive solutions.

Ye Jianbo introduced that Zhongheng Paiwei intelligent LED driver power matching LED lamps, together with the power carrier-based RTU to form the IoT intelligent lighting control system, has the following advantages: 1. Wide voltage input range (100-277Vac); 2. Drive Or luminaire status inquiry, automatic fault reporting; 3. Automatic timing operation and remote control mode; 4. Full digital design; 5. The highest surge protection level in the industry (4K/6K).

"The company's model is PE-P150CC-C070-S-IP's intelligent control power supply, embedded with the independent intellectual property power carrier module, single lamp controller and drive power supply two-in-one design, eliminating the traditional single-lamp control equipment, so that The cost of networking is greatly reduced, providing customers with better cost-effective solutions.” Ye Jianbo said, “The product is fully digitally designed, with a 20% reduction in volume compared to conventional power supplies. The fault can be automatically alarmed and is the first in the industry.” .

2014 (5th) High-tech Golden Globe Award--The annual LED good product selection has been opened, and has entered the enterprise registration stage (June 7-July 31). Known as the "Oscar for the LED industry", this year, it attracts many well-known companies in the industry to participate. This time, Zhongheng Paiwei will participate in the outdoor power category Golden Globe Awards with the intelligent LED driver power supply of the above model PE-P150CC-C070-S-IP.

“This product has been widely used in the construction and upgrading of street lighting intelligent lighting management system, and has won unanimous praise from customers.” Ye Jianbo said, “In 2013, similar products completed 150,000 orders, and this year, orders are expected to increase by more than 50%. ".

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