The market is still hot four new listing TV box inventory

The popularity of TV boxes has continued for several years. Although TVs are becoming more and more intelligent, many video content softwares can be installed, and many people say that boxes are dead and only transitional products. In fact, this is not the case. At present, the upgrading and optimization of TV boxes is constantly being strengthened. Many newly-listed products have been greatly expanded in terms of functions, such as serving as routers, camera functions, and so on. This is not what smart TVs generally have.

Box products in the current TV still have a lot of useless, and now the box is small and exquisite workmanship, but also adds a bit of stylish beauty for the living room, but the price is cheap, the content is relatively high quality, for the consumer is still Very affordable. Here are a few recommendations for the recent new listing of TV box products, and interested friends may wish to look together.

Can be a router Lynx Box 3pro
Tmall Box 3Pro uses the latest mobile phone IML surface treatment technology, delicate matte texture feels very comfortable, according to official data, the fuselage a total of 420 parts, 67 procedures, and 27 tests. Appearance part of the use of days Cat classic red and black color, red fine frosted texture of the top there is a clear sign of Tmall, in the boot state, this part will be lit, the look is very beautiful, under the Tmall LOGO is a reflective trim, which Is the crowning touch to the overall product design, so that the upper part of the product using red and black color balance while at the same time, but without losing a lively little element. At present, this cat's magic box 3pro is priced at 299 yuan in the Lynx Mall. Interested friends may wish to look at it.

Tmall's box series products use Youku potato chips in addition to the PC. After Youku potatoes are merged, Youku has a strong user base, self-media program resources, and potato's excellent animation resources, and TV drama resources. The program resources of the Tmallbox 3Pro are also very powerful.

Tmall Magic Box 3Pro system is stable, easy to understand, easy to use, suitable for users of all ages, the interface is simple and beautiful, and in the details of the part can effectively guide the user to operate, the system of this system is very high, according to the user's Like to customize, truly thousands of people, this system's resource consumption is relatively low, running more smoothly.

This Tmallbox 3Pro can also act as a router, and can transmit WIFI signals while accessing the network cable. It is equipped with a 2.4G/5G dual-band signal transmitter and supports the latest network standard. The high-gain dual antenna makes the transmitted WIFI signal more stable, and the data throughput can reach 400 mbps. The speed and stability are better than single-antenna routers. This small change also gives TV box products. As another extension, routes may become standard on television boxes after they aren't available.

Alibaba Tmall Box M16S

[Reference price] 299 yuan

True eight-core high with the sea Meidi HD600A three generations of platinum Collector's Edition

Sea Meidi HD600A Three Generation Platinum Collector's Edition is equipped with the popular Rockchip RK3368 eight-core processor, RK3368 using 28NM process, based on the A53 architecture, operating frequency is 1.5GHZ, support 8 core full open, real-time hard solution H. 265-encoded chip, support HDMI 2.0 interface, 4K video output, also introduced a new H.265 transcoder technology, powerful performance. It is also equipped with 2G memory + 16G flash memory, faster control, greater storage space, to meet your needs for smooth operation, storage of more applications and content. At present, this TV box is priced at 418 yuan in Haimeidi's official store. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.

The 600A three-generation black version of the Platinum Collection Edition is outstanding because it is based on the 64-bit 8-core, but also innovatively equipped with a removable blade antenna, this antenna is more than twice the signal capacity of an ordinary antenna, the signal wears four sides The wall was unimpeded, and the signal was easily received from the study room to the living room, from the downstairs to the upstairs, allowing the TV to watch the video more smoothly, and then bid farewell to Caton's troubles.

In terms of content, the HD600A three-generation Platinum Collector's Edition integrates the latest mango TV broadcast control rights as a TV box for the mango camp, massive amounts of high-quality online video updates in real time, the latest hit TV drama series, cinema lineups, gold variety shows, Hunan Satellite TV's self-made trump card content, educational anime, healthy health, music MV, and life information are all available to meet the entertainment needs of different members of the whole family. There are also Mango TV "Super Girl", "I'm a singer", "Every Day", and " "Happiness Base Camp" and other popular variety arts meet the demand of entertainment fans.

The HD600A three-generation Platinum Collector's Edition not only has "connotation" but also has a similar value. It uses a white metal shell, the surface of the piano paint technology, luxurious texture. Not only the body is white, at the same time, the antenna, remote control are all white, white jade, simple and elegant temperament to give you the visual beauty you want, worthy of your superior taste needs.

Haimeidi HD600A Three Generation Platinum Collector's Edition
[Product price] 418 yuan

Is a box and a game machine Skyworth micro game machine
Skyworth micro game console is a cross-screen full-experience smart game machine jointly developed by Skyworth Digital and Tencent after the host and micro host. Correspondingly, it solves the problem of lack of space in mobile phones, long battery life, and the problem of heat generation. Using TV as a screen also solves the problem that the limited size of the game screen affects the game experience. This Skyworth micro game console with handle version is currently priced at 599 yuan in Jingdong Mall, and interested friends may wish to look at.

Skyworth micro game consoles adopt pure black color design, and the overall size of the machine is relatively moderate. Since Skyworth Digital has been listed in 2014, its manufacturing process has been ranked among the highest in the world, and we can see from its previous products, including the recent hot Skyworth Q+ II and Skyworth A5, with their outstanding designs, and Product quality workmanship is very good, this Skyworth micro-games machine also inherited the origin of Skyworth's excellent product line, the machine itself, regardless of texture, weight, seams, can be regarded as the leader in similar products.

Skyworth's micro-game consoles are supported by Tencent's exclusive licensing and gameloft's game licensing. The game resource library is truly anomalous and full-fledged, and even subdivided with the game's operating mode. In the game market, we can see many well-known classic games, and some new games with new gameplay. The game resources are rich and excellent. Now using mobile phones for games, there are some games that take up quite a lot of space and users are having difficulty downloading. Now the emergence of Skyworth's micro-game consoles has greatly improved this embarrassing situation, and it has many free download resources and many games. Gift package.

A variety of game masterpieces waiting for you to come

Although the Skyworth micro game console is based on the game as its own product, it is obviously not enough. Apart from the abundant game resources, this game console also has rich TV movie program resources. This makes me very pleasantly surprised because In terms of a game console product, the function is, of course, richer and better. Having such a powerful game function, it can also be used to watch TV movie programs. Naturally, this is not a small surprise.

Skyworth Micro Game Machine
[Reference price] 599 yuan

In April of this year, iQiyi United Fruits Video launched a "Ichiyi TV Fruit" and turned its attention to the more convenient screen area. This TV is different from the traditional TV box. It is an innovative intelligent hardware product. You can cast video, music, pictures, or device screens on your mobile phone or iPad to a large screen such as a TV or a projector for display. It's very easy to turn small screens into large screens, and let the family reunite in the living room. among.

The box of iQiyi TV Fruit Q1 is clean and simple, with no extra decoration. The overall color is white, and the box uses a cube design. Directly above the box there is a logo that represents the TV show. The color is somewhat similar to that of the flesh. The bottom is the basic information of iQiyi TV, such as the production date, barcode, and the official WeChat QR code, and of course, the product's conformity verification and environmental protection labeling.

Iqiyi TV Fruit Q1 can be put on large-screen TVs. From here, we can also see the development trend of future TV boxes. We also mentioned earlier that due to the rectification of the SARFT at the end of last year, the television box was in a very marginal industry, and the content of the mobile phone directly on the big screen would undoubtedly become the development trend of the TV box in the future.

Almost all movie apps are supported

"IQI TV Fruit" also has a very intimate feature, that is, the headset mode. We believe that when we watch TV at home, we will inevitably be afraid to bother our family. Since the TV shows the picture and sound to the TV, we can insert the headset into the phone and turn on the earphone function. In this way, the sound is Emitting from the phone, the picture can still be displayed on the large-screen display device. Watching the ball late at night, watching a movie is not afraid to disturb the family.

iQiyi TV Fruit Q1

[Reference price] 198 yuan

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