High-temperature magnets can withstand high temperatures?

High-temperature magnets can withstand high temperatures?

Introduction: High-temperature magnets are on the market, which materials have high temperature properties? Can you afford it? The following introduces you one by one.

Magnets fall into two major categories, "permanent magnets" and "non-permanent magnets." Permanent magnets can be natural products, also known as natural magnets, or they can be made by hand (the strongest magnets are neodymium magnets). Non-permanent magnets only have magnetic properties under certain conditions and are usually produced in the form of electromagnets, which use current to strengthen their magnetic fields.

Permanent magnets are divided into magnets of various materials, including neodymium-iron-boron magnets, ferrite magnets, and aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets. According to Xiao Bian, samarium-cobalt magnets can maintain the same magnetic force in high-temperature environments, and withstand high temperature working environments much higher than 500°C-600°C. Obviously, the meaning of high-temperature magnets is that they can keep the magnets constant under high temperature environment.

Can the high temperature magnets withstand the maximum temperature of 600°C? For example, ferrite permanent magnet 450 °C, neodymium iron boron 310 °C, Samarium Cobalt 750 °C, AlNiCo 850 °C. If this temperature is exceeded, unreliable deterioration of magnetic properties can occur. Within the maximum operating temperature, the magnetic properties also tend to decrease, related to the relevant working nodes. After more than 1500 degrees, melting and demagnetization will occur.

High-temperature magnets are used in missiles.

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